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Workshops bring Science to life in your classroom or in the stunning grounds of Emo Court, Co. Laois, in the very heart of Ireland. As Emo Court is a SFI accredited Discover Centre your school can gain credit towards your Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Awards by taking part in one of our workshops in Emo Court.

How can we expect the next generation to care for the natural world if they grow up feeling removed from it rather than an integral part of it?

This was the question that led me to set up Laois Outdoor Education. The idea was and is simple: get people (young, old and in between) into nature to give them time out to re-connect and discover.

My name is Edel Heeran. I am an environmental science graduate with an MSc in Environmental Management.

I'm concerned about the impact of global warming and a rapidly shrinking biodiversity on my own children's lives. I'm passionate about our environment and see education as the most important weapon we have in combating environmental degradation.

The workshops I run aim to be fun and to inspire wonder. They're not only for schools and children, but for all nature-lovers, including families and groups, such as walking groups, photographers and Tidy Towns; anybody wishing to learn a bit more about the great outdoors. For more info please contact me directly.

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