5 Top Tips for Enjoying Garden Birds this Winter

Hands down what I love most at this time of year is watching the birds in my garden from my kitchen window. Even though our feathered friends need our help throughout the year, providing them with food (and water!) at this time of the year is critical. Being entertained by their antics at the bird feeders will repay you in spades for your efforts.

Here are some tips for enjoying your garden birds this winter:
  1. To make sure you get the widest variety of bird species, put out the widest variety of food in your birdfeeders. Peanuts and sunflower seeds are much loved by some species, while apples and cheese are winners with others. BirdWatch Ireland has lots of great info on their website to help you select the right foods. Your garden will soon be hopping with lots of happy squabbling birds.
  2. Invest in a basic identification guide. You’ll become an expert in no time. There are some excellent books out there. The one that I use is Bill Oddies’s Birds of Britain and Ireland.
  3. So that the kids can join in in the fun, print off the Woodland Trust’s garden bird ID sheet and put it by the window for your kids to tick off when they see one of the species in the garden. The delight is epic when they manage to tick off a bird on the sheet!
  4. Keep binoculars handy for closely observing the birds. It took me a while to cop the difference between a dunnock and a house sparraw, but with a set of binoculars even I could eventually tell them apart.
  5. You might also want to give the birds somewhere to nest and perch if you have a garden. Planting native trees, shrubs and flowers whose berries and seedheads will supply the birds with food over the winter is incredibly valuable. Think rowan trees, crab apple trees, dog roses and letting your wildflowers, like dandelions and clover, bloom. Of course these plants will attract insects and these in turn will provide the young birds in your garden with food over the summer. And hey presto, you have a beautiful garden to boot. Win Win Win. Not only will your garden become a lovelier place to behold, but it will make a real difference to wildlife. They’ll now visit your lovely garden regularly while some of them might even call it home.

Woodland Trust_ Bird ID